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This website is run with money from my own pocket, and to keep me from relying on adverts and promotions please feel free to give a monetary donation if this website has been useful to you.

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I make no apologies for being a back to the land hippy type and the fact that I make an effort to promote the use of natural and sustainable products, materials and methods, I really believe that we can make a difference by thinking and acting now!
Future generations are relying on us. So lets live simply on the earth, so that others might simply live!
Please think about using Solar, wind and water power and using as many recycled materials as you can find, buy "green" products, burn wood and not fossil fuels, build a compost toilet, use your greywater from washing machines/baths etc to water your garden and grow your own food, turn off that extra light, ride a bicycle or walk instead of driving to the shops/school, recycle your household rubbish, support your local community, but most importantly, lets educate our children for a greener future, and help them to learn from our mistakes.

As this website is primarily strawbale building orientated I won't attempt to make it into a Green resource guide, but I will try to only include those who appear to be concerned with the environment.
For those who would like more info on sustainability there are many websites out there--use the search engine on your P.C. and type in 'natural+sustainable+building'
I try to keep updated with info on most topics, so if you cannot find what you are looking for you could always ask me and I will help you as much as I can, or try to point you in the right direction.

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